Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tibco tutorial : Http Interface of Tibco RV

This is another post of my tibco tutorial series , if you want to read more about tibco rv or tibco ems please read there. in this post I am sharing you great tool to solve tibco rv related problems and a great interface to anaylze your Tibco RVD activities. until i know this I mostly used netstat command to figure out which topics are subscribed by my tibco RVD but after since I know about this I had helped me a lot.

Every host where tibco rvd is running expose on HTTP interface using that we can get many useful information e.g
--- How many clients are connecting to a particular service
--- Which services has been subscribed by rvd
--- Which hosts are connected to this rvd (using remote daemon).
--- How much data has been sent to received
--- Viewing tibco log to figure out any tibco issue.
--- Hwo many subject a particular service is using and what are those etc.

to check on which Http port your rvd is publishing information do this in your linux/windows host where rvd is running

ps -ef | grep rvd

this will show rvd process with parameters used for starting "-http 7582" shows that http interface is on port 7582

now just type this in your browser.


and you can see tibco webpage. I found it most useful tool while troubleshooting tibco rv issue.

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to read more about tibco rv or tibco ems  see my tibco tutorial series

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Anonymous said...

Hello there, My tibrv is not showing HTTP console, I tried to open browser on tibco host and post 7582 but noting appears? When I checked the rvd command in host it shows this

rvd -listen -no-permanent

do I need to restart tibco with --http parameter?

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