Thursday, June 8, 2017

Tibco tutorial : Reliability Parameter Explained

Reliability parameter is one of the important stat up parameter we provide to Tibco rvd and incorrect setting up of this parameter can screw up things in a big way. When I wrote Tibco Tutorials for beginners I thought to explain some individual concept on separate tutorials and this article is part of it. Tibco messaging is one of the most used messaging solutions on Investment banks over the years and will continue for coming years.

What is Reliability parameter of Tibco?
Message expiration depends on reliability parameter, the less the reliability parameter the message will expire quickly. Also, reliability parameter is the time period for which server keeps the message which it has published.

How to change reliability parameter?

This is a start-up parameter, you can see it by grepping in ps –ef | grep rvd, for changing it you need to disconnect all the application connected to that RVD and restart rvd daemon.

How To See the Reliability Parameter of Tibco RV which is running?

javin ps -ef | grep "rvd"
javin 20755     1  0 Jul07 ?        01:03:42 /opt/tibcorv/7.5.4/bin/rvd_7.5.4 -listen tcp:7500 -http 7582 -no-permanent -reliability 20 -logfile /usr/tmp/rvd.log.localhost.javin -log-max-size 200 -log-max-rotations 10 -rxc-max-loss 40 -rxc-send-threshold 10000000

Why is a high value for the RVD reliability parameter is not good ?The default setting for the RVD reliability parameter is 60 (seconds). This duration of reliability, however, is unrealistic in the market data world with increasing update rates. Having a large reliability setting, as in the default, could lead to a huge traffic spike if a slow consumer were to re-request 30 seconds' worth of missed data. Using the default value would also result in greater memory usage by the sending-side RVD as it would have to buffer 60 seconds' worth of data.

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hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any question or doubt.

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