Wednesday, July 26, 2017

How to bypass Websense Internet Filter at Office, School to Access Programming WebSites

Recently one of my readers emailed me that he can not access any .blogspot or .wordpress domain from his office because Websense is blocking them as personal blogs category. Since we techies, often relied on personal technical experience, tips shared by fellow developers for our work, this feels really annoying, but same time it's difficult to convince Websense guys or local Websense security team to not put such restriction. I was thinking about alternative and done some research on the internet, which tells me that you can bypass Websense filter at school or office by using proxy sites, but this idea doesn’t seem good to me, as they may contain some unwanted piece of crap, which is not good for anyone's computer. Also, if you are working for a decent size company, there is good chance that those proxy sites will also be blocked by Websense. This leaves no option at all to access any technical or programming blog, hosted on a free domain like .blogspot or .wordpress domain. That’s why some blogger prefers to have their own domain name than relying on blogger or WordPress.

Use DZone to bypass WebSense to access technical or Programming Blog

Anyway, we just need to find one solution and fortunately, I found a decent one, which is safe, secure and easy, and same time bypass website and allow you to access technical blogs and programming blogs from your school, office or workplace computer. All you need to do is find a post of that blog on Dzone, a link aggregation site for programmers. 

I assume most of Java programmers are familiar with Dzone, which has a vibrant Java community and mostly known for its fresh links for developers. Dzone provides lots of visibility to good content, which is rather difficult to achieve for small bloggers. 

Since I am a regular Dzone user and I read and vote on Dzone regularly, I noticed that whenever you access a link, while logged in on your Dzone account, that link is open on a frame with Dzone voting bar at top, Websense doesn't block that URL and you can easily read content of your favorite technical blog under Dzone URL. 

The good thing about this approach is that it's safe, as we all know Dzone is a good authentic site. Another great thing is that once you access a particular URL, already submitted to Dzone, you can further access any other article from that blog by following blog archive link. Unfortunately, some of the internal links might not work, but still good enough to access almost all content from a particular blog. 

Though, remember that you need to have a Dzone login account, which you should have already if you are a Java programmer. Since voting bar of Dzone, which is key to bypass Websense security filter ,only open if you are logged in, otherwise it might not work. Another catch is that there must be a submitted post in Dzone for that blog, but if you don't found any by doing a google search, you can always add one once you have your Dzone account ready.

Bypass Websense security filter from office workplace to view technical blogs
Fortunately I found this tip, which I am sure will help lot of Java programmers and developers, who wants to access technical and programming blogs from there office and work place, but not able to do so because of company wide websense security filter blocking .blogspot or .wordpress domain. Unfortunately, comment may not work, so I might not be able to know feedback from those of my friends, which are behind websense security filter. Nevertheless, let me know if this work for you and you able to access any blog using Dzone bypassing websense filter. If you come across any other safe and secure alternative then please share with us.

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Josef Borkovec said...

I'm not sure if it works for websense but google translator also bypasses many filters. You translate the page to whatever language and then view the original in google translator.

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