Thursday, October 5, 2017

Share Your Interview Experience with Javarevisited

Hello Guys,
How are you? Hope you are doing well.
It's been 5 years since I have started Javarevisited. In last five years, I have worked hard to make Javarevisited a good resource to prepare for Java interviews, and to make it even more useful, I am inviting you, my readers, to share your Interview experience with us, the Javarevisited community. If you like Javarevisited and think that it has helped you in past, and you want to give something back to the community, then it's time to share your own interview experience with us.

You can write about the interview process, interview questions asked, how many rounds of interviews you have gone through, what you did well, where you could have improved or anything which you would like to share with Javarevisited community. This will help the community to grow further and believe me learning improves a lot when you start sharing.

When you write about something, you do some research, you refresh your knowledge and all this benefit you most because that knowledge will remain in your head forever. You remember things for some time but you learn it when you write it and work with it.

Since the interview is the great thing to assess yourself and test your knowledge, I always advise freshers, graduates, and junior developers give as many interviews as possible. It will only make you better. You also learn better and new things by giving interviews.

Since I love interview questions, I find it interesting to research about new interview questions, or something which has not answered, or where the answer is not up to mark. I am sure many of Java readers also share the same passion.

So, If you like Javarevisited and would like to contribute, you can write an article and mail to See your article appearing on the Javarevisited blog, get fame and help other Java developers.

You are not limited to share just Java questions, but you can share any programming language, any topic, tips etc. As long as its helps people to learn and prepare well for their interviews, you are welcome.

contribute to Javarevisited, share your interview experience

In short, you can share:
  • Your own interview experience
  • Interview questions e.g. from campus, telephonic our face-to-face round.
  • Solution or answer of any programming problems
  • What you did well on interview and what you could have done better?
  • Any Interview tips, which you think can help people to prepare well.
  • You can also share debugging stories, design patterns etc.

If you have a Facebook or Linkedin account then don't forget to send us your Facebook Id or linkedin URL, I'll post names of the top contributors in Javarevisited.



hardik mehta said...

Javin you r posting very good articles .so first many thanks to u ,second from your blog I read collections and most of them asked to me in interview so thnk u so much, bcz of every single detail on particular topic that u post there is no need to Google for more detail I wish keep continue.....

Javin Paul said...

Thank you @hardki mehta, thanks for kind words :-)

Vijay Tidake said...

Javin, javarevisited is always been great resource for interview preparation and helps a lot in understanding core concepts easily. So thanks for all your efforts and time.
Keep going...

Kapil Pateria said...

Hi Javin,

When my colleagues discuss some programming topics and we get into hot debate then we say as per javarevisited blog things work like this... What I mean to say is that you have become the standard and we follow your blogs rigorously.. please keep up your good work and we anxiously wait for ur post!!!!!!!!

Jaya Wadhwani said...

I am a huge fan of your blog as it has helped me every single time I visit your blog. I would be happy to share my few cents on my recent interview experience/s. Its time for me to pay back :) Time to pass it forward!

Javin Paul said...

@vijay, @kapil and @Jaya thank you all for reading my blog and for your kind words. Whenever you appear for the interview, don't forget to share your interview experience with us.

g4google4kalyankshyd said...

Hi Javin,

your posts on multi threading and collections are awesome especially the synchronizers stuff, the cyclic barriers, semaphores, countdownlatch...Keep up the good work...Most of the questions posed in the interview I can answer because of your wonderful blog, it helped me grasp so much than the books available online......thanks again :)

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